Building Estimator Terms & Conditions

THIS AGREEMENT entered into this the ____ day of _____________, 2019, between
STEEL BUILDINGS and STRUCTURES, INC., (SBS, INC.) and _______________________,
an authorized dealer for SBS, INC.
The undersigned acknowledges that SBS, INC., has provided the dealer access to the
“Carport View” Software, upon the following terms and conditions:
The Carport View Software is the exclusive property of SBS, INC. The software has
been provided to you as an authorized dealer for SBS, INC. in order to assist you in quoting and
designing buildings and submitting orders to SBS, INC. The undersigned agrees that the
software will be used only for the purpose of designing structures and developing offers for the
sale of SBS, INC. products. The software shall not be used to quote, draw, illustrate or represent
any products or services for any company other than SBS, INC. It is further agreed that the
undersigned dealer will not attempt to reverse engineer, copy, replicate or duplicate the software
in any manner directly or through any third party.
It is agreed by the undersigned that screen snips of Carport View, are strictly forbidden.
Any and all images produced with Carport View, are to be distributed only with the SBS, INC.,
logo, seal or watermark present on the document.
The Carport View Software is provided to the dealer at no cost to the dealer. SBS, INC.,
monitors the use of the software very closely. Quotes, emails, screen snips and submitted quotes
are tracked closely. SBS, INC. will closely monitor the use of the software by authorized dealer
in relationship to the orders submitted to SBS, INC. by the authorized dealer.
Any violation of the terms and conditions of this Agreement will result in the
immediate termination of the dealer’s access to the software and the revocation of the
dealer’s authorization to market and sell SBS, INC. products. Further, it is acknowledged
that any violation of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, may result in SBS, INC.
seeking monetary damages from the undersigned as the result of the violations.

STEEL BUILDINGS AND STRUCTURES, INC. _________________________________

Authorized Dealer

By:____________________________________ By:_______________________________
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