Why You Need a Clear Span Building.

Last Updated: Jul. 7, 2023

Optimal utilization of space is a tough task, generally when you want a big covered space you most likely ended up with a big metal structure with lots of legs. These unwanted legs not only consume space but also restrict the use of your metal building. Having enough space to perform the functions that you require is always tricky. This is where Clear Span Buildings come into the picture.

The Important Aspects of the Clear Span Building

A clear span building is a structure, usually made of steel, which requires no additional support columns to hold up the structure. Columns take up valuable space in the interior.

The true beauty of clear span buildings is the fact that they are traditionally cheaper, much stronger, and much more durable than wood or concrete buildings. All of which is highly important to the end user.

By having no support columns in the interior you can easily section off areas within the structure to fit any design ideas or requirements that you may have.

Steel Buildings and Structures Offers Versatility

Steel Buildings and Structures have a huge variety of clear span buildings that are absolutely perfect for use as athletic arenas or indoor riding facilities for horse farms. They are perfect as hay and grain storage facilities on the farm, or for just about any warehousing or factory purpose you could possibly imagine.

The uses for these incredibly durable and structurally impressive buildings are limited by only your imagination.

Types of Clear Span Buildings

There are generally two types of clear span buildings. Single span and multi-span. The main difference is in the size of the overall structure. If your building is going to be on a smaller scale, say from 12-30 feet wide then you would require only a single span as that would allow the steel frame to be able to comfortably carry the weight. If, however, you require a much larger building for warehousing or factory purposes then you would require a multi-span design in order for the structure to be able to carry that additional load without the use of support columns in the middle of the building.

Great Reasons for Investing in a Clear Span Building

The reasons to purchase a clear span building are as varied as the types of structures that can be purchased.

You may need additional space to store that hay needed for your growing complement of livestock, or perhaps you have a large amount of expensive equipment that you would prefer to store indoors for the winter or simply want an aesthetically pleasing structure to house your growing car or motorcycle collection.

No matter what the intended use Steel Buildings and Structures has exactly what you need when you need it and has a structure designed to fit every budget.

Steel Buildings and Structures offers their valued customers free installation on their buildings with Certified Engineer Drawings used as the blueprint for every installation.

Our industry-leading customer support team is on hand to answer any questions you may have and they offer the best lead times in the business.

Unparalleled installation teams make sure that every job is delivered on time and ensure that all of our American-made buildings are properly installed the first time, every time.

Call today and get your free quote and get the building you have been waiting for now!


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