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Dealership Benefits

Steel Buildings & Structures Inc. has been growing since founding in 2014 by a successful veteran of the metal building manufacturing industry. This growth could not have happened without our dealers. We value dealers, prioritize their feedback, and build a strong partnership with them and their customers. We stay competitive with pricing, sales, timelines, and product offerings.

As a growth-focused team, SBSI has dedicated customer support team, dealer support team, hard-working day-to-day culture, and serious commitment to long term relationships. We back our dealers with decades of combined experience in the metal buildings industry, and offer a value-added warranty programs + service repair guarantee with every metal building you sell.

SBSI serves customers across a Southeastern United States service area.

What does it cost to become an SBS dealer?

Unlike the saying, “You need to spend money to make money,” there is no investment needed to become an SBS dealer. As a dealer, you will not have to pay a franchise fee, nor do you pay for building demos, signs, or training. We provide everything! All that is needed is space on your lot for our demos and time to meet with one of our dealer representatives for training. All our dealers make at least 10% commission per sale.

Am I a good fit as an SBS dealer?

There are a variety of businesses that are successful in selling our metal buildings. Agricultural equipment, hardware stores, auto shops, auto dealerships, farm feed, & farm supply stores are just a few of the types of businesses that our own dealers. These industries tend to work well with SBS, however, we are not limited to just industries. We typically pick locations that have a high traffic volume with high visibility from the road and locations that have enough space for our displays and promotional items. Also, if you are an online business selling any of the above industry products or wood buildings, feel free to contact us.

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