Metal Building Installation Checklist

Last Updated: Jul. 7, 2023

You have done all the appropriate homework and decided on the right building for your purposes.

You have met with your steel building representative and made all the important decisions on the size and shape of your new building and included all of the fantastic options that will make your building unique to you the end user.

All of the permits are in place and you have decided exactly where you want the building to go and have set a date for the construction to begin.

What next?

  1. You will need to prepare the site so that when the construction team arrives, they are able to get started immediately on building your awesome new structure.
  2. Making a checklist that covers all of the above-mentioned things that need to be considered is a great way to stay on track and the next thing on that checklist should be site preparation.

Are you planning on building on a concrete pad or on a soil foundation?

  1. If you are choosing the soil option you will need to prepare the site by removing any and all vegetation, including any grass or small plants so that the anchors are not compromised in any way by a loosening of the soil.
  2. Complete level the area. You can do this in a multitude of ways. You can use a commercial tamper or simply drive over the area multiple times to pack that soil down as much as possible.
  3. A concrete roller like the ones used by sod installers attached to a quad is an easy and effective way of getting that job done.
  4. Once you have pounded down that soil, keep the area clear so that the install team is ready to rock and roll the minute they arrive.

If your site is not perfectly leveled i.e. having a slope, no problem, the install team can cut the length of the legs to suit any conditions they may encounter, just be sure to order the tallest leg height available so that the team has the material needed to adjust accordingly.

Concrete Pad?

If you plan to use a poured concrete pad as a permanent foundation you will need to have the completely finished and the concrete will need to have fully cured and settled before the team can begin construction.

Unless you are very confident in your abilities talk to your steel building representative to find a good concrete contractor (unless you know one yourself, you would rather deal with!) to assist you in making sure that the concrete pad is properly poured and meets all the requirements of your local authorities.

There are certain requirements as to the length and width required for constructing a metal building on a concrete pad that will need to be addressed, especially if you have plans to have the building certified at any point in the future.

There are other options as well, such as building a metal carport on a wooden dock as a boat shed that has its own unique requirements. By talking to your rep and planning in advance you can make the job that much easier and stress-free for everybody.

Be sure to call Steel Buildings & Structures Inc. today so that our professional and courteous staff can answer all questions you may have about steel buildings.

We offer the most competitive pricing in the business and our dedicated and experienced staff is always ready to go that extra mile in the pursuit of 100% customer satisfaction.


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