2 bay garage with side door

22x36 Vertical Roof Garage Workshop

  • 22' 36' 8'
  • 2 Car
  • Vertical roof
Clay custom double garage

22x26 Vertical Roof Steel Garage

  • 22' 26' 12'
  • 2 Car
  • Vertical roof
Custom Steel Structure with wraparound porch

42x42 Custom Metal Garage with Wraparound

  • 42' 42' 12'
  • 4 Car
  • Vertical roof
Copy of sbsrockymountva (1)-min

22x31 Two Car Steel Garage

  • 31' 22' 8'
  • 2 Car
  • Vertical roof
Barn Red building with side door

24x31 Vertical Roof Garage

  • 24' 31' 12'
  • 3 Car
  • Vertical roof
Custom metal building with 3 garage doors

30x51 Side Entry Metal Garage

  • 30' 51' 12'
  • 3 Car
  • Vertical roof
workshop with 3 garage doors

24x36 Steel Garage Building

  • 24' 36' 8'
  • 3 Car
  • Vertical roof
Custom metal building with side carport and roll up garage door

20x26 Enclosed Garage with Lean-to

  • 26' 20' 12'
  • 2 Car
  • Vertical roof
Custom metal field house with garage door

24x41 Vertical Roof Metal Garage

  • 24' 41' 12'
  • 5 Car
  • Vertical roof
Carolina Red double garage

20x21 Vertical Roof Metal Garage

  • 20' 21' 7'
  • 2 Car
  • Vertical roof
Custom building with side carport

22x31 Two Car Steel Garage

  • 22' 31' 9'
  • 2 Car
  • Vertical roof
Clay with Merlot roof custom building

20x21 Two Car Metal Garage

  • 20' 21' 9'
  • 2 Car
  • Vertical roof

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Why Buy a Metal Garage?

A metal garage is meant to secure your valuable vehicles, trucks, boats, RVs, ATVs or SUVs from heavy rain, dazzling sunlight and all other weather elements. Enclosed structures give you feasibility to use them as and when you want, you can store multiple things with an assurance of them being safe.

Metal garages are reliable due to their steel components, steel is cost-effective and a more reliable alternative to wood which makes them long lasting. Wooden garages take time to get built, where pre-engineered metal garages can be quickly installed near your house without trouble.

Unlike a carport, steel garages offers safety and security to your possessions as they are fully enclosed. We offer metal garages in a wide range of sizes, designs, colors and three different roof styles,

  1. Regular Style Roof: Features a Radius Bend Frame Design with the roofing panels installed horizontally. The corrugated ridges in the panel run from front to back or end to end of the unit. Our Regular Style Roof design is the most economical unit that we offer since it does not have the hat channel, the ridge cap, the eave side trim, and the welded transition from the roof bow/truss to the leg a period.
  2. Boxed Eave Style: Features an A-Frame Design which can in many situations replicate the look of your home. The roof panels on the Boxed Eave Style are installed horizontally, which means the panel’s ridges run from front to back or end to end. The Boxed Eave Style is more cost effective since it does not have the ridge cap or hat channel which are included in the Vertical Style Roof. In addition the roof bow/truss has a welded transition via a steel pin into the leg post. To finish off the Boxed Eave Style’s appearance, we install Boxed Eave trim underneath the eaves sides of the roof bow/truss.
  3. Vertical Roof Style: Features an A-Frame Design with the panels installed vertically. The great thing about the Vertical Roof Style design is that the roofing panels are installed Vertically from the ridge cap down, which allows rain, snow, ice, dirt and debris to slide off the unit with ease. Steel Panels on homes and business applications are always oriented this way. Like with the Boxed Eave Roof Style the roof bow/truss has a welded transition via a steel pin on to the legs of the unit. A Vertical Style Unit also has Vertical Roof trim on the side and trim on each to provide a finished appearance as well as a hat channel to support the vertical panels and it adds rigidity to the structure.


  1. Use commercially as truck dealerships, repair shops, or storage facilities
  2. Farm equipment and heavy construction equipment repair shops
  3. Multipurpose personal garages/shops, storage buildings, suburban hobby buildings, workshops, or RV garages
  4. Welding shops

So if you are looking for a place to start your small business, hobby shop or retail space, an enclosed garage from Steel Buildings and Structures Inc. maybe exactly what you are looking for. Don’t forget great business starts in garages!

What Are the Key Advantages of an Enclosed Metal Garage?

When compared to wood-frame garages, our enclosed metal garages offer advantages like

  1. Durability: It doesn’t rot, termites don’t eat it, it doesn’t swell, shrink and most importantly, these buildings are resistant to fire, steel structure offers plenty of advantages over wood.
  2. Affordable: Enclosed steel garages are easy to buy and involves a low maintenance cost.
  3. Various Foundational Types: Unlike a typical garage, these buildings work just fine on your levelled ground, asphalt, concrete, and even gravels.
  4. Cleaning is a Breeze: Power washer plus soap equals a clean enclosed metal garage.

Find out some other advantages of steel garages by giving us a call at 877-272-8276

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  1. Every Customer’s Need is Important: Whether it is a standard carport or a prefabricated clear span building, we treat our customers with trust, respect, and with a sense of urgency towards their needs.
  2. Timely Response: We follow a process based system, to assure no delays in deliveries and installation of your metal building.
  3. Certified Drawings: If your county needs building drawings, we can provide them to you.